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I have a PhD in English Literature and a Certificate in Literary Translation and I've been writing and editing for a living since 2010! From my college's student newspaper -- The Daily Vanguard -- to teaching Freshman Composition at the University of Rochester and working for the Middle English Texts Series to Freelance Editing and Proofreading, I do words! 

My background makes me particularly well-suited to copyediting academic work. I primarily work as a freelancer for university presses, but I'm also available to copyedit academic work at all stages including dissertations and article drafts. Not only am I quick to notice errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I'm attuned to the special needs of academic writing from specialized vocabularies to citations and conformity to individual press and journal style guidelines. I've edited writing from every major field of the humanities as well computer science.

I was trained as a literary translator of Danish through the University of Rochester's Literary Translation Studies program under the direction of Jennifer Grotz. I view this work as an exploration of the fabric of literary texts during which I unweave a story or poem in Danish and then reassemble it in English.