I have been editing and proofreading since 2010! I work with texts ranging from academic research to college applications. My first position in the world of publishing was with the Medieval English Texts Series. Since then I have moved into the freelance realm. My clients include Caribou Digital, Open Letter Books, Århus University Press, Brepols and individual referrals.

I have worked at every stage of the publication process from developing ideas and refining organization to the nitty gritty of catching that extra the and correcting citations. I work with non-native speakers and native speakers of English, am fluent in The Chicago Manual of Style 16, and I can learn any house-style.  I can even typeset in InDesign and Quark!

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Copyediting and Proofreading for Non-Native Speakers of English

I read texts written by non-native speakers of English for idiomatic usage in addition to the usual errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. I can normalize a given text's use of UK or US spelling conventions and am attuned to the specific needs of academic writers.



I correct usage errors, grammatical errors, rephrase passive sentences, refine organization, and create consistency across texts.



Quick read throughs of texts in the final stages of the publication process. I read for grammatical errors, errors of punctuation, missing information, and inconsistent usage.